Boat Safety – A Few Tips and Reminders

Having fun on the water, in your boat is only possible if everyone is practicing safe boating techniques and boat safety in general. We put together this graphic that highlights a few of the major factors, tips, and reminders when it comes to practicing boat safety. With the Spring weather coming and Summer just around the corner, now is the time to start checking your boat, your boating equipment, your life jackets, and more. Make sure that you have a fun and safe boating season this year, starting with a few simple checks and refreshers. Share this blog post and graphic with others who’ll be enjoying time out on the water this year!

Boat Safety Tips Graphic

Boat Safety Tips and Reminders


When we talk about wearing a life jacket, we do mean a dependable USCG-approved life jacket for everyone and not your kids’ arm floaties. If you’re not going to wear the life jacket at all times, make sure that it is quickly and easily accessible and that the whole boat is equipped with enough life jackets for all riders, especially for children. This reminder shouldn’t be new to anyone, it’s the number one rule of boat safety.


Another good reminder and tip of boating safety is knowing CPR. Whether you already do know how to perform CPR or you do not, it is extremely smart to know how and to stay up-to-date, as things do change when more discoveries are made and new techniques are introduced. You should always carry a First Aid Kit somewhere on board.

Again, ensuring that a good time is had by all on the water starts with making sure that, if something unexpected does happen, you are prepared and ready to respond with the correct tools, equipment, and knowledge. Another boating safety must, is to carry extra blankets and towels on board. As well, having a carbon monoxide detector is another great way to ensure everyone is happy, healthy, and having a good time.


An aspect of boat safety that often gets over-looked is making sure that you are responsible towards smaller crafts on the water including kayaks, canoes, fishing or row boats, and more. It’s our responsibility to always watch out for others on the water, whether it be these smaller crafts or other large sport and motor boats. It is a good idea, especially for new boat owners to take the time to learn from professionals, by enrolling in safety courses and by doing their research. Please, always give smaller water craft adequate space and respect on the water.


A key aspect to ensuring boat safety and fun on the water is making sure that the boat itself, it’s components, and your equipment are all working properly and safely. This includes, but is definitely not limited to checking any tubing or water skiing ropes, making sure they are in great condition, checking all toys and equipment such as Tubes, Skis, and Wake Boards, and checking any and all equipment on board of the boat, making sure everything is in working and usable condition. Of course, we need to make sure that we take time to check the Motor and Propellers as well as the boat’s hull.


Bretz RV & Marine wants you to have amazing, fun times out on the water, creating memorable experiences for years to come. If you are unsure about anything, it’s best to ask a professional. We are here for you and our service department can make sure that everything on your boat is working properly. Click here to learn more about Bretz RV & Marine Service Department. Thank you for reading through our recommended boat safety tips and reminders. Remember to share this blog post and graphic with others who’ll be enjoying time out on the water this year!

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