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Have you been having a hard time reeling in the big catch? Sometimes, no matter what we do right, we just can’t seem to get any fish to bite. Like us, you may have tried changing everything from the bait you use to the color of your lure however, we have a secret. Boat positioning is even more important than lure color! Everything else will go wrong if this one thing isn’t done right. 

You may think we are over exaggerating but the truth of the matter is that boat positioning is the key to all a lot of your fishing woes. A lot of people don’t understand the experience, skill, and hard work that goes into fishing trips. Many people believe that the fishing trips you embark on are just an adventure where everything just kind of falls into place on its own without any input on your part. This cannot be further from the truth!

Every minute of the trip you are paying close attention to something. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong and it is your job to make sure they go right! Fishing can be an incredibly relaxing activity if you put the right amount of work into it. 

There are some skills that highly successful anglers use that you may not be as well versed in. One of those skills being boat positioning. When you approach a fishing spot, you should be calculating the direction of the wind and current in relation to where you believe the fish are biting so you can best position the boat on fish. This is not a skill that everyone has, and if you don’t have this skill, chances are your fishing trips are not nearly as productive as they could be.

We make no exaggeration when we say that effectively positioning your boat is everything when it comes to catching fish. Let us share with you some great pointers on how to do this and things you want to consider before dropping that anchor.


How to Position the Boat on Fish

Why do you want to position the boat correctly? To make fishing more enjoyable (and successful)! When the boat is positioned correctly you are able to do things more easily, including catching fish. We want everyone to be able to cast at the fish effectively and be able to do so with ease. When this happens a lot of stress is taken out of the fishing trip and everyone can enjoy themselves more!

You also position the boat correctly so you can achieve the best presentation of your bait to the fish! 


Good Boat Positioning

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Good boat positioning is the key to catching more fish and having a great time!

When the boat is positioned just right, you won’t have to fight the wind. In fact, you will be Fishing Smarter and using the wind to your advantage!


Factors to Consider When Getting Ready to Position the Boat

When we are approaching a fishing spot we will usually come off plane from a reasonable distance and judge the conditions at hand.

Conditions you should be paying attention to include:


Wind Speed & Direction

You want the wind to your back when you are casting at fish. Very rarely do you want the wind blowing in your face because it can make casting difficult. If a strong wind is to your back then it will be extremely easy to cast and life will be good! This will not only enhance your productivity it will likely increase your catch rate as you will have an easier time casting and lower lag times between casts.


Boat Positioning Wind to Face

The stronger the wind, the more difficult it will be to cast. Set yourself up for success and position the boat correctly the first time. The angler who thinks they can defeat the wind usually doesn’t bring home any spoils. 


Boat Positioning Wind to Back

It’s easier to catch fish when the wind is helping your casts, not hurting them. 


Water Current

To me, this is not as important as wind speed and direction but it is something you need to pay attention to. Sometimes the wind is not blowing at all and the current is strong enough to sweep your boat from one side to the other. If this is the case, you should kill the engine and drift for a minute before anchoring to get an idea of how the wind and current are working together to influence the boat.


With experience, you will become good at this and it will become apparent what you need to do in order to successfully position the boat on fish.


Location of Fish

With time and experience, we have learned where fish typically hold at different fishing spots. If a spot is new, we simply make an educated guess as to where fish will be and position my boat accordingly. You want to position the boat in such a manner that either side (port or starboard) is facing the fish. This way everyone has ample room to make quality casts on the fish. More quality casts equal more fish caught! You want to judge how the wind and current will affect the boat and anchor it accordingly so you are positioned to effectively cast at the fish. This means that on subsequent fishing trips your boat may be anchored differently to be positioned the same (or nearly the same) in order to cast at the same spot.
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Methods for Positioning a Boat


One Anchor

Most people typically use one anchor. It’s simple and it’s easy, but the boat can rotate on the axis of the anchor point, usually in part to the wind or current. This can be detrimental to positioning your boat.


Be sure you are paying attention to which direction the boat will point when you put down a single anchor.


Position the Boat on Fish

This method is common and effective, just know that when you do set your anchor the boat’s positioning will adjust with the wind and current.


Two Anchors

It can be a pain anchoring off with two anchors, one on each end of the boat, but the boat will not swing on the axis of a single anchor and destroy your good positioning on fish.



These are factors you should consider when positioning your boat on fish and successfully catch your target species, whether it’s speckled trout or redfish. When you are thinking about boat positioning you are ultimately fishing smarter, not harder! That is what I am all about on my fishing trips.


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