Boat Fishing vs Shore Fishing


Boat Fishing vs. Shore Fishing


When we were younger and fished from shore, we always knew that we wanted to have a fishing boat to help increase my odds of catching more and bigger fish.  We always assumed that fishermen that had boats were all experts that knew exactly where the fish were, as many of them would come back to the dock with large trophy-sized fish.  Although there are some definite advantages to owning a fishing boat, we think it is important for people to realize there are different benefits for boat fishing vs. shore fishing.


Advantages of Fishing From a Boat

Let’s talk about the benefits of boat fishing. 


One big advantage of fishing from a boat is the distance that you can cover in a short period of time.  If you had to pick up all your tackle every 10 minutes to try a new spot it would get tiring after a while.  When you are in a boat, all of your tackle stays with you.  If you have a long-distance cast you can still maintain your distance from where you think the larger fish are located, eliminating the chance of spooking the fish.  Trying multiple locations over the course of a day is a very important tip that many anglers underutilize. Fishing from a boat also enhances the variety of species you are likely to hook. Most shore anglers tend to come home with the same types of fish because they can’t move around easily. Distance is no obstacle to boat anglers so if you think that the fish are spooked in one area, you can just go to another area. Boat anglers tend to come home with a greater diversity of fish species in their buckets. 

Also, once the boat is in the water, the physical work is greatly reduced.  Boat anglers no longer have to carry tackle, and instead can just sit, relax and motor around to where they want to go.  People frequently feel that their new boat is absolutely worth it as soon as they get it into the water!

If you want to invest a little more you can also buy yourself a fish finder, which has been proven to increase your chances of landing more fish.  Finding the schools of fish or the large lunker bass sitting on the bottom can be a critical piece of information that can help you to land more fish.


Advantages to Fishing from Shore

Fishing from shore offers a few advantages that anglers may not realize.  When you fish from the shore, if you are stealthy enough, you are less likely to spook the fish than if you were fishing from a boat. There is nothing we hate more than to be fishing next to a noisy fisherman.  If you plan to fish from a boat instead of the shore, one helpful tip is to put an old rug on the floor of the boat to eliminate the noise being generated from the metal or fiberglass bottom! 
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So What is Better?


We wholeheartedly believe that fishing from a boat is the best way to go!  Many people enjoy small to average size fishing boats, as they can get you to where you want to be, are easy to maintain, and still offer many of the same perks as what a larger fishing boat has to offer.
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