Being as Prepared as Possible for CoronaVirus (COVID-19)


Don’t Panic—Be Prepared—Shop Bretz RV and Marine

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, it is best to prepare your family for the quarantine that many states are mandating. Bretz RV & Marine has listed some key tips on how to be prepared as an RV owner: 

Reasons to Self-Quarantine in your RV

1. RVs as Family Emergency Vehicles

When a family member or friend needs help, you can drive to their location, park your RV, and be there for them– all without being a burden.  Whether they’re in a house, nursing home or hospital, you can help out, and then recharge and refresh in your RV. After all, your physical and mental health is important too.

With the coronavirus, being able to travel to family and help each other or simply spend time near loved ones is important. However, maintaining your personal space and following safety protocols is also crucial – using your RV could be a game-changer.  If a family member is exposed or falls ill, an RV allows you to travel to them, park in their street, parking lot or driveway and provide them with care, food, and supplies. Then you can return to your camper, wash your hands, relax, and enjoy some personal time.

2. RVs for Self-Quarantine

An RV can become a fantastic solution should someone in your house develop symptoms of the coronavirus. Rather than send them to the guest room or sofa, they can self-isolate in your trailer, motorhome or camper.

Fully stocked, an RV provides shelter, food, water, heat or air conditioning, bathroom, cooking appliances, storage for clothing and supplies, and places to sleep and sit.  Add a television, books, and the internet and the self-quarantined might even be a happy camper – even if they are sick.

Ideally, the RV would be parked in a residential driveway or property allowing the family to easily check-in.  If possible, the RV would be connected to hook-ups, including, electric, freshwater, and sewer.  

Another possibility is that your family all show symptoms after encountering someone who was sick.  You were not with them when they came into contact with this individual and have no symptoms. In this situation, you might stay in the RV and use the house as a quarantine for your sick family.  That way you can stay healthy while caring for your loved ones.

Either way, it’s worth considering having your RV staged, stocked and ready for use for quarantine.  That might mean moving the camper into your driveway, filling the propane tanks, getting gas for the portable generator, getting ready to de-winterize, and generally preparing the RV for a potentially long-term stay.  Adding at least two-weeks worth of food and water in the house and camper isn’t a bad idea either.

3. RVs for Avoiding Coronavirus Hot Spots

The specifics of this plan are simple.  Pick a campground with plenty of space between campsites, full hook-ups at each site (or at least water, electricity, and access to a dump station), and settle in for a potentially long stay.  That means stocking up on food, medicine, and supplies before pulling into the campsite – at least 14-days worth, or more.

As full-time RVers, this is exactly the course of action we have been following for the past few weeks.  Other than a few outdoor walks around the campground, you can keep to yourselves inside your camper. When going for a walk, you can still maintain proper social distance between yourself and others.  Try to beat the crowds to the stores by going first thing in the morning, when the store is stocked and loaded up with two weeks of food and supplies.


Get the Necessities:


Now, we aren’t necessarily suggesting that you follow the hysteria and go buy 10 packages of toilet paper or a dozen loaves of bread, but it still is important for you to get some of the essentials, especially as an RV Owner. 


For an RV owner, it really isn’t all that much work. Using solar panels and backup batteries for your RV doesn’t just increase your self-sufficiency, it also reduces your carbon footprint.

If you are looking for an alternative solution, you can also look into buying a portable generator. This not only provides more power but provides power at all times of the day!

You can find all of these items at your local Bretz RV & Marine locations! So get prepared and head to your local Bretz RV and Marine dealership while supplies last!


It has never been more important to make sure what you are drinking is clean. Finding filters and clean water for your RV is a must! Bretz RV & Marine can provide all this to you and more! 

Plan to Work From the RV

Now is a great time to talk to your workplace managerial team and see what the plan is for working remotely. We have helped you out and prepared some questions for you to ask them:

  • What are the current work expectations of you during this time?
  • Are there any current plans for working remotely?
  • Will there be any scheduled video calls or conference calls?

Also, check to see if your employer is deemed necessary. Once you figure out if you can work remotely, you may contact us for help setting up your RV as your work station!


Internet for Your RVwifi-158401_1280

Now that you can work remotely, finding a good plan that allows you to access the internet remotely from your RV is a must. Whether that is a dedicated Wireless RV internet access plan or a mobile hotspot from your phone, it is a good idea to start inquiring about these.

Make Sure Each Family Member Knows and Practices Hygiene Measures


Whether or not the state or community you live in (or travel to) is in quarantine, it’s still good practice to make sure everyone in the RV knows how to practice good hygiene measures.
From adults to children, it’s important to make sure everyone knows how to protect themselves and others with proper hygiene. Teaching good hygiene now doesn’t just help in today’s world, it helps in tomorrow’s!

Here are a couple of tips that the World Health Organization recommends:

  • Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • When sneezing, try to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue if possible, then remember to throw it away!
  • Wash your hands frequently, preferably for at least 20 seconds.
  • Keep hand sanitizer close by and use frequently.

Can’t find hand sanitizer at the grocery store? You can stock up on hand sanitizer and wipes at any Bretz RV & Marine location! 

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