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Must-Have Apps for RVers

Peak camping season is here, so start planning your next great adventure in your brand new RV from Bretz RV & Marine! Year after year, camping is becoming easier and easier. One reason for this is the amazing apps available to help in the planning and driving phase. We have listed 5 apps below that can help you out on your next journey.

Camp & RV Allstay

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A very popular app for RVers is Camp & RV Allstay. This app’s main purpose is to help you find open spots at campgrounds, state parks, and RV resorts. Perfect for finding some spectacular low-key campgrounds fit for an RV, Camp & RV Allstay is a must-have. It also helps you find the best deals in the area you are looking to camp.


A vacation is as much of a road trip as it is the place you’re staying. RoadTripper realizes that and makes the trip that much better. This app allows you to easily set up itineraries for your vacation, plan stops along the way, and find new adventures off the beaten path. You can plan your next vacation and adventure from start to finish by using the Roadtripper app.


If you are looking to save some serious cash,  GasBuddy should be your go-to app. This app allows you to search for gas prices by State, City, and Zip Code. And when you have a gas tank as large as some RVs and trucks have, all that money adds up. Every penny you save at the gas station can go directly into making your vacation better.


Waze is an absolute must-have for navigation. If you are venturing to a place that you have never been before, Waze should be the first thing you turn to. The app is updated in real-time by other Waze users, so you can rest assured that all the information you are seeing is the most relevant for your route. If there is an accident or police officer ahead, you can easily see it on the map. Bumper to bumper traffic experiences will be a thing of the past, as you will be alerted of a detour long before the traffic even starts.



This might not necessarily be an RV app, but it still is a must-have for anybody that drives a lot. A vacation is what you make it, and a great playlist can make it so much better. The app is available for free but also has a premium version without any ads. Spotify has every major artist out there, so you don’t have to settle for anything. Plus it works brilliantly with Waze and allows for hands-free updates of your route.

Start downloading these apps to make the most of your next RV adventure! Looking for a new RV? Take a glance at our inventory at Bretz RV & Marine to see the latest models. And if you are looking to trade in your existing RV, look no further than our RV Trade-Up Program.

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