A Guide To Setting Up Camp In Your RV!


It’s time to dust off the RV and get it ready for camping! The outdoors is calling your name, so here is a guide to setting up camp in your RV! 


Pulling Into the Campsite


The first thing you’ll need to do is pull into the campsite. This is obvious, but it can be a bit more challenging depending on the size of your RV and the size of the campground. While pulling into your site, have a friend help you out and be your eyes for things you may not be able to see. This will help ensure you are in the right place and avoid any accidents in the parking process. Be careful while pulling in and go slowly. If possible, try and find a pull-through parking spot! This will save tons of time and ensure you won’t back into anything!


Hooking Up Electric


Before you do anything, make sure that the breaker is off. Hooking up the electricity to your RV can be dangerous, so check to make sure you have the correct attachments or the proper adapter for the breaker. Once you are ready, start by hooking up the connections to your RV first and then attaching it to the box. Once it is all connected, turn the breaker on and enjoy your electricity! 


Hooking Up Water


First, check to confirm that it is fresh water coming into your RV through the hook-up. Then hook one end of the hose to the connection at your campsite and the other to your RV! It is as simple as that, but we recommend bringing a couple of items that will help in the long run: an attachable filter and a pressure regulator. The filter will ensure you’re getting clean water and the pressure regulator is helpful for campgrounds that have water with very high pressure. If the water pressure is too high it can damage some components of your RV, so the pressure regulator is good to have! 


Hooking Up Sewage


Before you begin, we suggest grabbing a pair of gloves! Then check to make sure that the gray and black water lines are closed. Once that is done, open the sewage cap, hook up the hose to the campsite, and then to the RV. Make sure the hose is securely hooked up! Also, make sure the hose is sloped so the sewage will flow down. Once this is done, run the sewage and then the gray water! 


Position Your RV Correctly


Making sure your RV is positioned correctly is extremely important! Not only does it make it easier to do all the things above, but it also prevents you from causing any serious damage to your RV! RVs that aren’t properly positioned can cause a lot of strain on appliances and systems throughout the RV! When positioning your RV, make sure slideouts and awnings are able to come out completely (if applicable). Leveling jacks need to be completely on the ground as well! 


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