5 Ways RVing Can Make You Happy!

1. Explore! Adventure! See the Places You’ve Always Wanted to See!

Do you ever get that feeling when coming home from a vacation that you already want to go on another one? We know, we’ve felt that way too. We’ve found that there are a couple things to do with this wanderlust feeling: we can learn to lessen the urge to get out there again as soon as possible by making sure that each camping trip is thoroughly worthwhile. Or, we can embrace it and take every opportunity possible to utilize the RV. It was made to go camping – don’t forget that! Are you a planner? Or do you enjoy spontaneity? At Bretz, we’ll encourage you to travel at your own pace. Whether you like to slow down and relax, or cram as many stops as possible into a quick road trip, we want to help meet your needs as you hit the road! However, we will say that even if you are the more spontaneous type, a key part of a successful camping trip is planning ahead. Think of where you want to spend each night, how long it will take to get there, the route you’ll need to take, and even meal planning. Even so, the beautiful thing about RVing is the freedom to fly by the seat of your pants if you want to. Go anywhere, any time. The world is your oyster!

2. Endless Customization

RV customization is limitless. Start with deciding what kind of RV you’d like to travel with: travel trailer, fifth wheel, Class C, Class B, Motorhome, truck camper, pop-up camper, or more! Next, decide which floorplan best suits your needs. How many people would you like to sleep, what kinds of activities you most enjoy while camping, and even your camp style all play important roles in your customization process. From there, choose what colors you’d like inside and out, what kind of furniture and flooring you prefer, what kinds of appliances you’ll need, and so much more. Let’s get you the perfect RV, one that will leave you thinking “This is Camping, Well Done.”

3. Work From the Road

With recent advancements in technology and job flexibility, a majority of RVers are able to work from their RVs while out on the road. Furthermore, RVing is a low-cost alternative to owning or renting a home, which has helped many along their road to minimalism. Many full-time RVers are freelance writers, consultants, photographers, or IT workers. Any remote position works! Many have found options such as Workamping to be ideal. In addition to wages, many workamper positions offer additional benefits such as free RV sites and hookups. It’s almost like they’re paying you to travel!

4. Affordability and Cost

Traveling the country can be expensive, there’s no getting around that. RVing can provide an affordable alternative! Whether or not you own an RV or use services like RVshare or Outdoorsy, RVers can save from 25% to 60% or more on travel costs! It’s not uncommon to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on flights and hotels while on vacation. Utilizing an RV cuts those costs down to nothing. So save your wallet, and consider using an RV for your next vacation!

Affordability is also a huge reason why people decide to live in their RVs full-time. Even if you were to finance an RV, usually, RV payments and insurance are going to be a lot less than mortgage or rent payments. For many, living in an RV is an obvious alternative to renting or buying a home – and when it comes to added benefits, Being able to pick up and move your home to practice wherever you want is surely a bonus.

5. It’s Good for You!

It’s true. Travel makes us our best selves. Studies have shown that traveling enhances creativity, relieves stress, and can strengthen relationships. Bretz has a goal of helping our customers make memories with their loved ones. We’ve also found that RVing teaches us how to react on the fly and think on our feet, important life skills. It’s not just about becoming a better planner, it’s about expecting the unexpected and embracing it! It’s an incredibly valuable skill that can only be acquired through experience, and there is no better way to gain that experience than RVing!

However, it’s not all about developing new skills. RVing simply makes people happier. There’s just something about embarking on a new adventure and hitting the open road. It’s falling asleep to the sounds of nature while a cool breeze blows through your window. It’s the excitement of blasting your favorite music and heading toward your next adventure. There is nothing more freeing than setting out on an adventure that you choose!

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