Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

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It’s that bittersweet time of year when kids head back to school, life gets back into a routine, and the leaves start to change. You’re probably dreading the idea of putting your boat away for the winter. After all, like most boaters you can never spend too much time on the water. Before you store your boat for the upcoming cold season, here are some tips to make sure you can enjoy it next summer.

One Last Hurrah | Take your family and boat out for one last hurrah before you store it. This will not only allow for some much needed family time before life gets crazy, but also will keep you looking forward to the the next boating season.

Winterize | Get your boat professionally winterized. This is incredibly important here in Montana, where temperatures drop to dangerously low temperature and any fluid left in your boat’s tanks or pipes could freeze and burst. Repairing damages from improper winterization can be quite pricey.

Combat Odors | Place open containers of baking soda around the boat to absorb any lurking odors that might build up while your boat is sealed. This also makes bringing it back into commission much easier because you won’t have to deal with nasty smells.

Cover It | Buy a boat cover that is made for your boat model and use it! In fact, this is smart to use not just during the winter, but during any extended periods of time in which you won’t be using your boat.

Storage Options | Look into both indoor and outdoor storage options. Determine which of these would work best for you. The obvious best option is temperature controlled indoor storage, however, this is also more expensive. Outdoor storage isn’t a bad choice as long as the facility is secure and your boat is properly winterized and sealed.

It might be hard to let go of your boat for the season, but the good news is that with proper care, your boat will be ready to enjoy come next summer!

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