5 Packing Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

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One of the most exciting, yet stressful, parts of traveling is packing. You have to decide what to bring and what not to bring. You have to look at where you’re going, predict the weather, and prioritize items. But, did you know packing can actually be quite easy when you use basic items you have sitting around your home? With a few packing tips you can actually make more space in your wardrobe, protect fragile items, and ensure you’re prepared for your trip.

5 Awesome Packing Tips for All Travelers

Straws and Buttons

Who would have thought the humble straw could be used for more than just drinking? The common drinking straw can actually be used to keep your necklaces organized. Simply string your necklaces through the straws and place in your jewelry drawer for safe, hassle free storage. You can also keep track of earrings by linking them through the holes of a button.

Floaties – Packing Tips that Prevent Breakage

Remember those funny, inflatable floaties you would place on your child’s arms to keep them safe in the pool? Well, these little devices happen to also be a great way to protect wine bottles from clanking together (by wrapping around the bottle) and can be used as reusable padding to protect glassware or pottery that you might pick up on your next vacation.

Rubber Bands – Packing Tips that Expand Packing Space

It’s easy to run out of space in an RV. Get the most out of your dresser drawers by rolling your t-shirts into columns and securing with rubber bands. This allows you to fit more t-shirts in the drawer and also keeps them from getting wrinkled. The rolling technique also works on pants and sweats. It sounds like it would take up more space, but truly rolling actually saves a ton of space.

Plastic Wrap – Packing Tips that Prevent Leakage

Place plastic wrap over bottles that contain liquid and replace cap to help prevent items from leaking. This works for everything from condiments to toiletries. Plastic wrap can also be used in case of an emergency to wrap fragile items you might acquire while traveling.

Plastic Grocery Bags – Packing Tips that Protect

Before you throw out those plastic grocery bags you get from your next shopping trip, think about everything you can do with they. They are perfect for protecting items that might break easily, serve as trash bags for your car and small trashcans, and can be used to store shoes in so you don’t track mud or dirt into your RV’s closet.

Packing for your next trip doesn’t have to require special tape or suitcases. You’ve got everything you need to get the job done right in your home. What packing tips do you swear by? Share with us on Facebook and Google+.

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