Montana Spring Activities: Five Really Good Ones

Montana Spring Activities - Yellowstone National park

With spring in full swing you’re probably itching to start planning your next RV trip. Regardless of where you live there’s one thing you need to put on your RVing bucket list: visit Montana in the spring. Montana during the spring season is like a breath of fresh air. Beautiful flora and fauna are growing, animals become more active, and the many feet of snow we receive over the winter finally starts to melt… a little! The weather is also just right – not too hot and not too cold. A light sweater or jacket usually will keep you pretty comfortable. And, best of all, there aren’t any bugs!

Here are Five Fantastic Montana Spring Activities

ATVing | Active RVers who can’t wait to get their toy hauler prepped and ready to go will love ATVing in Montana during the spring. With a diverse geography – from hills to open plains – and some of the most secluded and remote wilderness areas you will love ripping through on and off road areas and feeling the freedom this incredible sport offers.

Birding | If you’re more of a calm person who enjoy listening to the peace and quiet of nature you’ll appreciate the vast birding opportunities offered by Yellowstone Country in the spring. In fact, over 400 species of birds call Montana home including snowy owls, sandhill cranes, and golden eagles. Lodgepole Trail, Confluence Trail, and Camp Three Forks are all great spots for birding.

Scenic Drives | Unhitch your fifth wheel or travel trailer and hop in your tow vehicle to check out some of the most spectacular drives and views our country has to offer. Yellowstone, Beartooth Pass, and Clyde Park to Bozeman are all popular drives and ideal for some amazing Montana spring activities. You’ll witness breathtaking mountains, gorgeous valleys, and surely spot some wildlife.

Hiking | Cool temperatures and no mosquitoes make hiking in the spring particularly inviting. As you traverse the terrain you’ll get an up close and personal view of blooming plants, stunning terrain, and may even find some baby animals wandering along the way. Just be sure to look but don’t touch and always exercise proper precautions when around wild animals.

Rock Climbing | Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro you will love the range of rock climbing activities available, all at different levels of difficulty. Bozeman offers a slew of popular routes with quirky names like Belly Dancer and Bunny Wall. ¬†Then you can tell your friends that your Montana spring activities consisted of conquering Belly Dancer and Bunny Wall.

If you’re tired of sitting inside while the cold weather passes start planning your trip to to some of these incredible places today. Planning a spring trip around this time of year helps pass time and gives you something to look forward to.

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