Smoker Craft Boats: Three Great Reasons to Buy

smoker craft boat

Choosing the right boat takes a lot of time and research. You want quality, reliability and ingenuity. Here at Bretz RV & Marine we are proud to offer a wide variety of boats that are sure to impress you and meet a diverse range of needs. That’s one reason why we’re proud to offer Smoker Craft boats. These boats have been made for 50 years with quality and innovation at the forefront of their design.

Lifetime + 6 Warranty on all new Smoker Craft Boats

Smoker Craft’s commitment is obvious when you look at their industry leading warranty. This warranty is transferrable to a second owner. It includes a limited lifetime warranty on the hull and structure. All components, electrical devices, carpet and upholstery comes with a 6 year warranty. And, best of all, should you have to use this warranty parts and labor are included in it.

Aluminum Construction

Smoker Craft builds boats out of the finest materials, state-of-the-art equipment and quality workmanship. Aluminum construction is long lasting, lightweight and ultimately fuel efficient. When you buy Smoker Craft you can rest confident this boat will last you for many trips out on the lake.

Dowco Premium Trailerable Cover

The all-new, patent pending CoverLift system is a built-in cover support system that eliminates the need for poles or crawling under the cover. You also avoid pole failures that cold lead to cover or boat damage. Simply pull on the rope ratchet to create tension on the straps underneath. The straps rise up creating a taut tent effect so water doesn’t puddle.

If you’re interested in learning more about Smoker Craft boats, stop in and speak with our experienced sales team at any of our three locations in Missoula, Billings and Boise, Idaho.

For more information on Smokercraft boats, click here.

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