30 Day Decluttering Challenge

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Clearing Your Camping Clutter

Summer is almost here, and you’re itching to get out there and take on a new adventure. But, what if you’re being held back by the amount of clutter and tasks that need to be done to begin your escape? We have listed 30 items below that can help you in your decluttering preparation.

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  1. Give your RV a good vacuuming. Dirt in the RV is something that can’t be prevented. So don’t let it collect. Consider doing this before every adventure.
  2. You have been taking a million and a half status update pictures for your friends and family, and it’s time to get those off your phone so you don’t clutter yourself. You can upload them to the cloud or save them to your home computer.
  3. Image 1Realizing you need a tad bit more space? You can [Trade in Your RV] for a new Class A motor-home.
  4. Clean out any old documents or licensing tabs from your RV, and make sure your papers are up to date. This can easily be forgotten, but it can save you in a pinch!
  5. Glove boxes can go unseen for a long time! Take a peek at yours and clear out any unneeded items.
  6. Clean out any clothes that might have been left in your RV. If the last time you took the RV out was in the winter, you might consider removing your coats and boots. Or just rock that fur coat and scarf on the beach! 
  7. Clean out the fridge. If you’re waiting until months after a trip to clean your RV’s fridge, you might have a bad time. You’ll thank yourself – this needs to be kept clean! 
  8. Items break down, that is a fact of life. Do you have any old flashlights that somehow make it darker, or umbrellas that couldn’t hold back a light drizzle laying around? Get rid of anything that is simply not working.
  9. Realizing your RV can’t fit any of your new toys? You can consign your older RV with us and upgrade it into a BRAND NEW TOY HAULER!
  10. Image 2Organize your camping gear. Nothing is worse than when you are about to embark on an adventure and spend the next 30 minutes (or more!) finding your gear.
  11. Speaking of toys. Maybe give your dirt bike or similar toys a wash. Just because they are called dirt bikes doesn’t mean they are supposed to be made of it.
  12. Clean out any cabinets you have. People forget what is in their RV all the time. Take a look and make sure you have what you need, and remove what you don’t.
  13. Boats can be quite fickle, so now is the time to start making sure they are good to go! De-Winterize your ride so you can get out on the water as soon as possible. You can do just that at Bretz RV & Marine!
  14. Is your current pontoon not floating your boat? Trade it in at Bretz RV & Marine! 
  15. Make sure all your RV water and sewer lines are sorted out. No one wants to be taking old water or worse on their vacation.
  16. Owning a Class A Motorhome is on many people’s bucket-list, but it simply might be too much space for you. Downsize your ride by trading in at Bretz RV & Marine.
  17. You don’t want your first stop on your vacation to be the gas station. Fill it up beforehand so that you’re good to go for when your adventure begins!
  18. Make sure your car is ready to tow your Travel Trailer or Fifth-Wheel. You don’t want to dampen the fun by getting stuck in the sun.
  19. Image 4Clean out the garage! Just because you keep your RV clean doesn’t mean you can neglect the place it resides. Your RV deserves a clean space. 
  20. Want to take up fishing? Trade in your boat and browse our amazing offers for fishing boats here at Bretz RV & Marine.
  21. Thinking of getting something a little bit smaller? Consider using our consignment services, and browse our inventory of new and pre-owned boats and RVs!
  22. Clean off your solar panels if you have them. They’re not much good if all they collect is dust instead of the sun. Keeping them clean will help them run as efficiently as possible!
  23. Looking to free up some more space in your shop? Consider getting a smaller RV at Bretz RV & Marine! 
  24. Wash all your camping clothes. Sometimes these go by unseen since they aren’t always used as often. Don’t go on your next adventure smelling like your last!
  25. Wash the outside of the RV. We get it, mud on the outside is a sign of all the cool things you did prior. But consider giving it a rinse every now and then.
  26. It’s not just the RV’s interior and exterior that needs some love. Consider giving your RV engine a service at Bretz RV & Marine before embarking on a vacation.
  27. Your RV parts might be on their back-nine of their life. You can replace them with brand new parts at Bretz RV & Marine.
  28. Image 3Clean your grill before putting it to the test while camping. Bretz RV & Marine is selling top of the line grills and pellets for amazing prices!
  29. Have certain hobbies that you enjoy while camping? Whether it is climbing, biking or fishing, make sure your gear is good to go! No one wants that disappointment of finally getting to the campsite after a long drive and realizing your gear is broken or missing. 
  30. Got the need for speed? Trade-in your pontoon for a surf boat here at Bretz RV & Marine!


Let these 30 tips guide you as you prepare for a summer of fun! Bretz RV and Marine can be your go-to place for all of you camping and boating needs! Let our experts in our sales, parts, and service departments help you have the adventure of a lifetime. 


Wanting to upgrade? Consider trading in your older ride for something new at Bretz RV & Marine! 

Learn more about Consignment or Selling us your RV

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