Boating Snacks that are Not Only Delicious but also Healthy for Everybody!

So, you’re planning on taking advantage of the hot summer weather with a day on the water, but you don’t want to bring complicated recipes or half of your pantry.  For that reason, we compiled a list of some pretty delicious and healthy boating snacks that are so simple and easy to bring with you while you’re soaking up the sun and enjoying the water:

Ten Tasty and Healthy Boating Snacks for Everybody

Healthy Boating Snacks
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1) Skip the greasy chips and bring pretzels and/or crackers!  Rich in carbs and low in fat, pretzels taste great plain and with dips, such as mustard, and whole grain crackers are an excellent alternative to high-fat chips.

2) Granola bars are always a good way to go.  If you opt for the less sugary granola bars with fruit rather than chocolate chips, you are supplying yourself and the fam with fiber and nutrients for the whole day.

3) Cheese sticks/slices/cubes are an excellent option for anybody who isn’t lactose intolerant.  They are loaded with protein and taste awesome.  Of course, a cooler with a couple of frozen bottles of water is needed for dairy products that can spoil in the summer heat.

4) If cheese isn’t your thing, but dairy is, grab a few yogurt packs.  There are so many options with yogurt these days, you are bound to find something everybody likes.

5) Raw veggies.  Many people are afraid of vegetables, as they are certain they are too “healthy” and it was somehow put in people’s heads that healthy means no flavor–well, that just isn’t so.  Celery sticks, carrot chips, broccoli, green pepper slices and just about anything else you can think of are an excellent option to snack on and are excellent complex carbohydrates and light enough to not make you bloated in the heat of the day.  Bring vegetable dip cups for an added treat.

6) Fruit. Nothing compares to the taste of a sweet Washington apple or a juicy, ripe peach when you’re craving something sweet. Avocado slices are also loaded with Vitamin C and taste great with a dash of salt.  Bananas are great because they don’t require refrigeration.

7) Wild game summer sausage. For the meat eaters, it just doesn’t get better than this.  Easy to pack, easy to cut, summer sausage is perfect for snacking on the boat.  Add a piece of cheese, and enjoy even more!  Throw it in the cooler when you’re done and ta da.

Boating Snakcs - Trail Mix8) Hard-boiled eggs are awesome!  Yes, you will need a cooler to store them in, but not only do they taste good, they are also filling!  Put an end to that growling belly with a hard-boiled egg or two as a healthy boating snack!

9) Trail Mix is an excellent source of protein and carbs. If you can avoid getting the trail mix with the candy and opt for the fruit (raisins, craisins, etc) instead, you will be doing your body a favor!  The protein in the nuts and nutrients in the fruit are certain to keep you going all day!

10) Pre-made smoothies.  Throw some spinach, fruit and everything else you like in your fruit and veggie smoothie into the blender and divvy up in Mason Jars and toss in the fridge the night before your all-day boating trip.  These are jam-packed with nutrients and taste awesome–try to avoid adding sugar and stick with using the natural sugars from the fruit!

…and there you have it!  If you are ready to go with the healthy boating snacks, but you are now in need of a boat to go boating on, then visit to check out our huge inventory or boats at insanely low prices!

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